P D Rai expresses dismay over reduction in budgetary allocation for climate change.

PD Rai expresses dismay over reduction in budgetary allocation for Climate Change Action Plan from Rs. 32.35 crore to Rs. 23 crore. I think climate change is upon us and we need to do something about it, he said. 

The National Mission on Himalayan Studies for Promoting Research for Sustainable Development of the Himalayan Region is really a positive step, which will look at the climate change issues, which plagued the Himalayan Mountain Region. The Budget for the Indian Council for Forestry Research and Education has actually been dwindling. There is a need for more research if it is in the area of forests. In Sikkim, we have 83 per cent of forest area and we have actually habitable land of only about six per cent. This particular issue needs to be tackled at a policy level as to how much of forest area in percentage terms should every State strive for. I think bamboo is one of our greatest natural resources. It was placed as a tree under the Forest Act rather than a grass. Therefore, it is placed as a grass, then there would be cultivation and then we could use it in a much better manner.

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