GLOBE India Legislators review progress on INDCs with Environment Minister

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GLOBE India Legislators review progress on INDCs with Environment Minister

With CoP21 in Paris round the corner, GLOBE India MPs reviewed the progress on Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) with Indian Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar and top officials of the Ministry in New Delhi.

Minister informed the GLOBE India members that New Delhi was on track to submit INDCs on time and preparations were at an advanced stage. He assured that India’s INDCs would be ambitious and something that would add to the country's pride.

Renewable Energy, Energy Intensity, Energy Efficiency and Lifestyle would be key themes, which would be also part of solutions offered by India as part of INDCs as well part of discussion in the formal negotiations leading to COP 21.

Mr Javadekar emphasized that lifestyle changes can make largest contribution to Climate Change Mitigation, acknowledging that technology has big role to play but cannot be seen as the only option. He also said that legislators would be informed about INDCs when ready and statement would be made in Parliament. He welcomed feedback from all stakeholders.

The Union Environment Minister held that India need not decide peaking year at this stage but committed that India will never surpass the per capita emission convergence of 14 tonnes agreed between the United States and China. He asserted that Equity and Common but Differentiated Responsibility (CBDR) would be a non-negotiable instrument. But the only change is that, every country has decided to take action and he welcomes this move.

He informed about three keys issues – (i) Pre- 2020, India has been taking good action but developed countries are lagging behind. Developed countries are also not taking 2nd ambition period after Kyoto;  (ii) 100 billion USD were promised for GCF but today it is just 10 billion USD with many putting this figure to even 10 billion USD for four years which would be just 2.5 million USD per year; (iii) Lifestyle – Sustainable Lifestyle is key for climate action and technology alone can never be solution.

His final words were that World is talking about India is doing so much, then why not us?

Replying to a question on the proposed amendment to Green Laws by GLOBE India office-bearer Kalikesh Narayan Singh Deo, the Minister said there was an urgent need to revamp Green laws by adopting best practices from the world. He informed that Climate Change would be integrated in the new amended legislation.

Mr Javadekar informed that he provided GLOBE Climate Legislation Studies (for reference) to experts and consultants working on assessment report for revamping the laws for enhancing action on climate change.

Experts and Consultants have given assessment report, gap report and report on world's best practices, he said and pointed out that the TSR Subramanian Committee Report that sought review of Green Laws was just beginning of this.

"We have done due deliberations with many ministries, stakeholders. We have already appointed a law and management firm and both have looked into the best practises of countries like US, UK, China, Indonesia, Brazil, and South Africa. We have seen their laws,” he told GLOBE India members. 

The firm has identified gaps in laws and how much change there should be. “We will do political processing as to what changes finally have to be made. We are doing scientifically and all the stakeholders are being consulted," he said.

Mr Javadekar also talked extensively on his past engagement with GLOBE India as its founder president and with GLOBE International and emphasized the need for engagement with legislators on Climate Negotiations. He discussed ways to increase membership of GLOBE India and take it to states through various initiatives.

He described GLOBE India as a great initiative and talked about harnessing Green laws to practice through people’s participation. He talked about Forest, Mountain, Desert, Coastal and Wetland initiatives.

The meeting was attended by Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar, Additional Secretary in the Ministry Susheel Kumar and GLOBE India members Bhubaneswar Kalita, P D Rai, Vandana Chavan, Kalikesh Narayan Singh Deo, Vivek Gupta, Dr Sanjay Jaiswal and GLOBE India Director Pranav Sinha.

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