From the President's Desk

Addressing the issues of Climate Change

Climate Change and Environmental degradation is a greater challenge for the developing countries like India. Ensuring sustainable development is easier said than done. Increased use of non-renewable resources such as fossil fuels and minerals, renewable and re-plenishable but exhaustive ones such as water and forests
beyond their regenerative capacity has the potential to severely impact economic growth and development.

As the country develops and prospers, the challenges to sustainable and inclusive growth will increase further due to increasing population and limited resources. The complexities relating to environment and climate change will become even more complicated. Parliamentarians have to remain constantly in touch with the reality and device legislative means to meet the challenges of Climate Change. Even more important is to build a political consensus on issues relating to Climate Change and take the people along to better serve their needs.It is, therefore, necessary to create apolitical platform that provides opportunities for cross-party dialogues and interface on the ticklish issues linked to Climate Change and Environment. Here, I can say with contentment that GLOBE India has emerged as one such platform. My endeavour as the President of GLOBE India would be to further the good work initiated by the From the President’s Desk Founding President of the organization, Prakash Javadekar, who is presently the Minister of State for Environment,
Forests and Climate Change; Information and Broadcasting; and Parliamentary Affairs. I take this opportunity to wish him the best.

Since, GLOBE India is a forum of Parliamentarians committed to finding legislative solutions to the challenges posed by Climate Change and Sustainable Development, I would always look forward to suggestions not only from colleagues in the organization but from legislators across Indian Parliament and State Legislatures as well as other stakeholders.Also my endeavour would be to scale up the interaction of Indian legislators with legislators of the world to understand better their approaches and experiences in tackling issues relating to Climate Change.